The Bektashī Order In Bulgarıa- A 16th Century Document On Elmalı (Elmalu) Baba Dargāh

  • Nurullah Koltaş Trakya Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi


AbstractThe spiritual transformation in the Balkans through the efforts of the spiritual masters from Anatolia is also an indication of a profound realisation that bridges the vast historical and cultural heritage of the East and the West. It can be concluded from the historical treatises and the hagiographical accounts that the mentioned transformation led the new settlers of Anatolian origin to establish their own communities even in some remote areas and to practice their own rituals as a continuation of the wisdom innate in their rites.One of those spiritual masters who helped the spiritual well-being of the muslim community in the Southern Bulgaria is Elmali (Elmalu) Baba. Despite the limited information concerning Elmali Baba’s life, his Dargāh served not only as a sufi gathering place but also as a center that fulfilled the religious education for the followers of Bektāshī Order together with the madrasa and the mosque built within the same area.In this article, we will try to give a brief information on the dissemination of Bektāshī Order in the Southern Bulgaria. Then, we will introduce Elmali Baba Dargāh located in the Momchilgrad Province. Finally, we will give the Turkish transliteration and the English translation of the document that authorises Elmali Baba in fulfilling the needs and the service of the initiates thereof.